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Geneva – Rob Greenfield Talk

4 décembre 2017 @ 18 h 00 min - 19 h 30 min
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Want to contribute to a more sustainable future for your family and the planet?

Ecole Internationale and Zero Waste Switzerland present:

Rob Greenfield – How to personally create change in a wasteful world. Come listen to Rob share his adventures in reducing waste. And also briefly hear from Zero Waste Switzerland how you can practically reduce your own waste right here in Geneva.

Rob Greenfield is an American adventurer and environmental activist. He has made it his life’s purpose to inspire people to make positive change in order to create a more sustainable world. In his own words he will tell you that in 2009 he was a loud, drunk, environmental nuisance focused on partying, women, money, and nice possessions. But then reality hit in 2011 and he woke up to the fact that all of his daily actions were causing environmental and social destruction around the world. Since then he’s worked diligently to transform his life to be of benefit and service to the earth, humanity, and all creatures.

Rob is famous for his compelling visuals e.g. Wearing all the trash he created for 30 days, while living like an average American, in order to raise awareness of how much waste we generate.

And for other adventures and campaigns concerning Food Waste and Sustainability such as:
– Diving into more than 2000 dumpsters across the U.S. to help raise awareness around food waste
– Cycling across the U.S. 3 times on a Bamboo bicycle bringing his message of sustainability and earth friendly living
– Travelling 7000 miles across South America without a penny in his pocket relying on the goodness of humanity.

He currently owns just 111 possessions, has been featured on thousands of media outlets and donates 100% of his media income to grassroots non-profit organisations.

He believes that all of us can leave the world a better place through simple positive changes in our daily lives. In todays environment it’s easy to feel helpless and hopeless but Rob believes there’s never been a better time to be the change for a more sustainable and just world and he’s here to inspire you to join the movement.

Come listen to him talk about his fascinating adventures and share his very practical tips for how we can all live in a more sustainable way

And hear about the Zero Waste Workshops and Cafés available in Geneva to help you reduce your own waste – for a better ecological footprint, improved health and significant money savings. The workshops show you the concrete new habits you can adopt and where to find the shops/sites in Geneva to do them.

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Date: 4 décembre 2017
Time: 18 h 00 min - 19 h 30 min