Having grown up in a family where the environment was a very important topic, with the whole vegetarian family, her passion for environment continued to grow when Leona began her studies in this field.

Despite her strong interest in ecology, the theme of waste never had much importance until the day a friend challenged her to zero waste in April 2017.Only then did Leona look in her trash can to realize that there was indeed a lot of preventable waste!

The thought that every piece of waste produced in her life was going to stay somewhere on earth frightened her very much. That’s how Leona got into the Zero Waste business. The transition was quite slow with small, regular changes that she documented on her blog Instagram @plasticfreeleona. After two years, Leona had made enough changes in her everyday life and habits so that she felt ready to stop using a garbage can. For three months, she filled only a small jar with garbage.

Having gone through this experience, Leona soon realized that she wanted to continue this lifestyle and raise awareness about waste. Besides volunteering for numerous environmental associations, Leona is currently in the final year of her Master’s degree in Environmental Science and Engineering at the EPFL and plays basketball in the national league.