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reCIRCLE – Swiss reusable system for take-aways

The Swiss reusable containers system for take-aways

The reCIRCLE reusable system launched in Bern is the world’s first large-area, reusable system for take-aways. The reBOXes are washable containers with covers especially developed for waste prevention.

The vision of reCIRCLE

A Swiss reusable system for more enjoyment and less waste of resources and littering.

Thanks to the clever reBOXes produced in Switzerland and increasing network of partner take-aways, reCIRCLE is a logical and huge step in preventing unnecessary waste of resources. Numerous take-aways are already on: see the network on their website

You can make your own contribution and support the system

Become a member of the association reCIRCLE and/or help to find new takeaway partners and earn a remuneration.