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Kräuterstube – Natural scented soaps and regenerating cosmetics

A wonderful alternative to the many plastic bottles are the Natural Soaps from the Kräuterstube. The soaps replace shower gel, washing lotion and shampoo; in fact, all the washing products that we collect in our bathroom.

In the case of cosmetics, it ecologically makes sense to use solid products instead of liquid ones. Solid washing soaps require no packaging, reduce transport weight & volume considerably and besides, the majority of conventional cosmetic products consist of mostly water anyway. For solid products, the water is used from home.  Another advantage is that preservatives are unnecessary in such products because they are too dry to spoil.

The handmade Natural Soap products from the Kräuterstube offer mild care and smell wonderfully natural. All products are handmade, organically grown and most of the ingredients and herbs are collected from the Swiss nature.

The high-quality vegetable oils and the natural glycerin content ensure incomparable comfort on the skin. The soaps contain no preservatives and no synthetic fragrances or additives. The result is an environmentally friendly product, that biodegrades completely and quickly, thus leaving no pollutants in the water. The soaps are produced from renewable raw materials and require a minimum of packaging. Naturally, the Kräuterstube deliberately avoids the use of palm oil.

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