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Carouge Zero Waste Town

Project Town : Carouge Zéro Déchet

Carouge : first Zero Waste town in Switzerland

partnership has been established with the municipality of Carouge (GE) to inspire its residents and enable them to reduce their incinerated household waste by 30% over a period of 3 years. More specifically, it is about supporting behavioural change to enable individuals and organisations to reduce their own waste. The «Carouge Zéro Déchet» team manages a whole programme of conferences, workshops and events in the city and offers practical tools and action guides while supporting the Council in the Zero Waste approach.

Some elements

  • Zero Waste Conferences, Workshops and Café-Démos
  • Zero Waste Family Coaching Programs for 25-30 families
  • Zero Waste «Action Guides» for shops, schools, restaurants, companies etc
  • Zero Waste Friendly Shops – Posters and Stickers
  • Coaching and support for the various actors within the community
  • City wide communication campaign encouraging people to reduce waste

The test project started in March 2018 with the alignment of objectives and strategy, followed by kick off conferences in April, the first workshops in May and June and a family coaching in October. Numerous testimonials of people reducing waste and the motivation of all the actors is encouraging.