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For a Zero Waste Move

Saskia, a member of ZeroWaste Switzerland and a committed volunteer, shares her experience for a smooth Zero Waste move.

The decision is made, the lease is signed, the head is full of dreams and … we must take action.

Organization is the key word for a good move. Making lists will allow us not to forget anything and to “mentally unload”.

(e) Well in advance, you can already start preparing as follows:

  • 3 months before, start sorting your items using the Marie Kondo method and make lists “to take, to give, etc.”
  • Draw a map of the new home with the location of your furniture to see if it is realistic and to know what to give and what to keep!
  • Collect banana boxes (shops (50), 30 boxes given by s friends reusable boxes provided by movers.
  • Raja tape, made of non-silicone kraft paper and natural rubber glue, recyclable with the cardboard boxes, a good thick pen to write on the boxes.
  • Start changing your postal delivery address to your new address, see the checklists available on the net.
  • Prepare homemade cleaning products and cosmetics in advance so that you will have enough once in the new home.
  • Say goodbye to the future former neighbours.

Saying goodbye and taking stock, according to the Marie Kondo method, which you can read about here (in French):

Loss of reference points, change of habits: moving is often experienced as a stressful ordeal, to say the least. Why is it so destabilizing? How do you adapt to a new environment? Here are some answers to your questions.

Moving, a source of stress
According to several studies, moving is the third most stressful and debilitating factor, after bereavement and layoff. Change of schedule, long and meticulous management of administrative details… moving is also a source of deep emotional upheaval.

Whatever the new place you have chosen, you will have to take on new habits and give up the comfort of your old ones. If your move is sudden, it will be all the more emotionally marked. That’s why it’s important to mourn the loss of your old home, by going around the neighborhood for a “goodbye” for example, as mentioned in the article above.

Moving is also about taking advantage of this sorting period to clean up your belongings and your life. They are not only trinkets; they have a history. This is the right time to ask yourself if you want to bring them with you or not.

In order to find your place in the new habitat, you have 2 solutions. The first is to try the same layout as in the previous apartment. This way, the transition will be smoother. But if you want to turn a page, new configurations and decorations will help you.

Don’t forget to support the children. As for the adults, it is a big change, which can be positive or not. Involve them and help them discover the new place.

Another important point is the integration into your new environment. Once you are settled in your new home, don’t hesitate to meet your neighbours. By ringing their doorbell to introduce yourself or by organizing a “housewarming” party at your place. This way, you can find out about the habits of the neighbouhood and you will discover new people. They may not be the same neighbours you once cared about, but you’ll be pleased to see that these people have something to share as well.

Source :

About 10 days to 1 week before D-day

Tape, pen, boxes, go…

Wrap in clothes or newspaper, wedge with blankets, note the room of the new home on the top and on the side of the box. This will make unpacking easier and your box can be placed directly in the right room! A part has been wrapped in recycled paper provided and collected by the movers.

Allow 10 days to pack everything, and also think about the annexes (attic and cellar) where you may have accumulated souvenirs. Adjust the days accordingly.

Don’t forget to eat, drink and rest! Unfortunately, accidents happen more easily when you are tired.

The D-day is here, you are ready and have slept well. Let’s get started!

  • Breathe …
  • Stay calm … and print the list and the plan of the new home with the place of the furniture.
  • Have a box of tools (tape, screwdriver, pen) at hand
  • Have a snack and drink enough
  • Allow yourself a well-deserved rest


Arrange in order of importance:

  • Kitchen, because “Mens sana in corpore sano”
  • Bedroom, so you can sleep well and quickly find your feet
  • Bathroom
  • Living room

After a move, we often get sick because our body has mobilized a lot of energy to appropriate a new place. In this case, we can naturally boost ourselves with:

-> Magnesium, echinaforce, hydrolat of scots pine

We finally addll our personal objects to feel at home.

Feeling good in your nest is important. But it’s even better if the nest is well received in the tree: by introducing yourself to the neighbors and/or organizing an aperitif at home, you prepare a friendly environment.

Saskia’s assessment

Super positive, it was easy and the movers even took a table and chairs for friends of theirs who were moving into a new home.

They also collected all the boxes!

Only small disappointment, neither Emmaus, nor the CSP, took back the beds to be given because of covid! Apart from that, no waste!

We would also have liked that the trucks did not return empty, what was possible for several trips, but not for all.

There are also movers with bicycles or you can   ask friends who have cars for help if there isn’t much furniture to move!

Sorting a drawer with the Mary Condo’s method

Make lists

Banana boxes and friends’ boxes

Raja tape, made of non-silicone kraft paper and natural rubber glue

Everyone deals with change in their own way. Learning to organize can make life easier, but it doesn’t save you from surprises. So work on letting go as well once you’ve done the best you can ?