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EHL Graduate School

About us

With expertise dating back to 1893, EHL Group now offers a wide range of leading educational programs, from apprenticeships to master’s degrees, as well as professional and executive education, on three campuses in Switzerland and Singapore. EHL Group also offers consulting and certification services to companies and learning centers around the world.

EHL Graduate School is part of EHL Group, the global reference in education, innovation and consulting for the hospitality and service sector.

Our Expertise & Learning Philosophy

We deliver impactful lifelong learning solutions in hospitality, service, and human-centric management.

Through our education and research, we are thought leaders in these areas for the benefit of diverse service- and product-based industry contexts.

Our education focuses on the way people engage their cognitive, emotional and social competences and orchestrate human-centric strategies across all organizational layers to create, capture, and share value.

Our Learning Experiences

Since our foundation over 130 years ago, we have been teaching through practical, hands-on experiences. We spend time out of the classroom on field visits to get behind-the-scenes insights and run memorable learning activities.

Our faculty are not only scholars and academics but also executives and practitioners. Our programs combine research-based knowledge with industry realities.

Based on the belief that we learn better trough concrete hands-on experience, our teaching approach is firmly anchored in business realities and enhanced with sensory, experiential, and social learning methods for real-world impact.

Faculty experts are academics as well as experienced practitioners, skilled at combining research with real-life business issues. In addition, we leverage our distinct roots in hospitality and service business management to provide meaningful learning contexts.

Our programs & Learning Solutions

EHL Graduate School offers lifelong learning programs and business solutions in hospitality and human-centric service management.

It has a growing portfolio of graduate level offers, including degree programs, executive education for professionals, and bespoke solutions for organizations.

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