ZeroWaste Switzerland

Non-profit association inspiring everyone in Switzerland to reduce waste.

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About us

ZeroWaste Switzerland is a non-profit association recognized by the Swiss government for being of public interest. Through its activities and its members, it inspires and supports the population, businesses and public institutions in Switzerland to reduce waste at the source.

Mission – Vision – Values

Mission The ZeroWaste Switzerland association’s mission is to work towards reducing the amount of waste produced by raising awareness of waste related issues, encouraging long-lasting behavioural change towards a more zero waste lifestyle and supporting the active implication of…

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Our strategy 2021-2024

Through its audacious and transformative actions, the association ZeroWaste Switzerland is determined to engage citizens, institutions and economic actors to choose a zero-waste consumption mode and a zero-waste production mode in order to move towards…

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Organisation and team

ZeroWaste Switzerland arose from the meeting between Natalie and Julie both made sensitive to the zero waste lifestyle, in particular further to the discovery of Béa Johnson’s lifestyle, pioneer of the movement in San Francisco….

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