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Interested in the activities of ZeroWaste Switzerland? Below you will find the most frequently asked questions and their answers.

Activities and Events

You can check our online agenda where you will find all our events.

You can contact us using the specific form on this page.

You will find all the information on the  « conferences » section.

You will find all the information on the « workshops » section.

ZeroWaste Switzerland does not organise DIY workshops perse – we would like to leave the production of products to the specialists – you can get in touch with our members for that.

Please, get in touch with our event team by mail, mentioning in the object section : name, city and date of the event!

ZeroWaste Switzerland encourages the rejection of packaging at the base by turning to other concrete solutions, presented in particular in our guide for beginners.

ZeroWaste Switzerland approves these actions but does not participate. Its mission focuses on waste prevention at source. You can contact the following groups:


ZeroWaste Switzerland is a non-profit, independent and non-political association and wishes to remain so. The association relies on its wide network of contacts for occasional collaborations, for example partnerships for events. The Zero Waste criteria apply of course to any event.

You can check our organization online on the following pages.

Emails for specific questions are

Tips and recipes

You will find an appropriate recipe in our online guide or on our Blog.

By changing one habit per week for several months. You will find tips and tricks in our guide.

Many advantages! In addition to reducing your waste and the costs associated with its management, by choosing unpackaged products, you naturally reduce your consumption of processed products and avoid contact between food and plastic, which is positive for your health. By eating locally and in season you support the local economy. By reducing your consumption of goods and focusing on lending, sharing goods and buying second-hand, you can save a lot of money. Many people also notice an improvement in social connections by frequenting smaller organizations, such as grocery stores, markets and bulk stores. The positive impact on the environment is also a huge advantage.

No disadvantage, except that you have to be a little more organized.

Please check our online map.

It depends on each person, but we notice an average reduction of 20% to 50% at first among our new members. Some people achieve an 80% to 90% reduction over time.

Many zero waste grocery stores have opened in recent years in Switzerland. You can contact the closest one to you, which you can find on our map, or you can contact our partner Veledes.


  • Because we want to make a gesture to protect the environment.
  • Because we want to change our (over)consumption habits.
  • Because we want to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle
  • Because we think about the future, our societies and nature
  • Because we want to challenge ourselves
  • Because we want to reduce the superfluous
  • Because we want, at our individual level, to be able to do something for the environment
  • Because we want to reduce resources and food waste
  • Because waste management is a source of pollution and very expensive
  • Because we want to have better control over our health and avoid mixing plastic and food
  • Because we want to save money
  • Because we want to simplify our lives and return to the essential and towards shared values
  • Because we want a healthy and clean environment for our children and future generations
  • Because it’s fun!
  • Because nearly 72% of the plastics “to be recycled” are never recycled
  • The Zero Waste motto and the 5Rs: reduce, reuse, repair, recycle, rot

To this date, there is no scientific research proving the harmfulness of aluminium in deodorants to health. The dose of aluminum entering our bloodstream after being ingested through our food and its containers appears significantly higher than that possibly absorbed through the skin.

ZeroWaste Switzerland is not specialized in the issue of food waste, please contact partners who are in a better position to answer you:

ZeroWaste Switzerland does not work on recycling, but on preventing the production of waste at source. Recycling remains limited and is also a source of pollution, energy expenditure and high costs. The best waste is the one that does not exist.

If you have specific questions, please contact the local ambassador from your region.

You can find detailed information for a hair donation on the League Against Cancer page.

We also published an article on the subject here: Donate your hair for a good cause!

Social Networks

ZeroWaste Switzerland receives hundreds of emails every month, with many interesting proposals. Unfortunately, we cannot share your event/offer/info unless the association is directly involved in the organization. You can contact the Facebook groups in your regions.


Please refer to our members section.

We are delighted about it! Contact us via the online form.

Please, send us an email at