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Zero Waste travel guide

How to reconcile vacations and ecological convictions?

From preparation to return, follow the guide!

Even if advertisements (and our entourage!) make us dream of distant, exotic destinations, the sobriety of a Zero Waste lifestyle leads us to reflect on our vacations…

It’s finally the vacations!

But you’re wondering how to stay in Zero Waste mode on the road, what to think about to reduce your carbon footprint and even what to take with you?

We make it easy for you to prepare with this mini guide to Zero Waste travel. Contents :


  • adopt slow tourism
  • where to go ?
  • where to stay
  • pack your bags

During the trip

  • good habits
  • at the restaurant
  • shopping on the spot

Reduce your impact

To imagine an ecological vacation, there is no need to go to the other side of the world. The discovery of landscapes, cultures or adventures are also possible close to home.

The Zero Waste travel guide is currently being translated in English. Thank you for your patience!

Click here to find the French and German version.

We have voluntarily made this guide available free of charge in order to effectively help the population to reduce its waste while keeping the pleasure of discovery and adventure. Do not hesitate to complete the form, you will immediately receive a link by e-mail. Do you find it useful? You can support us by joining or by making a donation.