ZeroWaste Switzerland

Non-profit association inspiring everyone in Switzerland to reduce waste.

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Committee members

Nicolas Walder


National councillor and former mayor of Carouge, Nicolas began his Zero Waste approach after crossing paths with Béa Johnson and Jérémie Pichon, and above all with the Zero Waste team in Geneva, who made his commune the first “Zero Waste” city. The enthusiasm of the people of Carouge convinced him that ZeroWaste Switzerland represented THE solution to accompany the population towards sustainability. Having tested several of ZeroWaste Switzerland’s recommendations for himself, it was only natural for him to commit to this approach to happy sobriety. 

Silke Walleser

Vice President

Silke studied public health, works in the medical technology industry and has long avoided plastic bags. A 3-month trip with her husband and two children in 2019 made her realize the urgency of protecting our planet, and she decided to play a more active role in protecting the environment. In Zero Waste, she found practical advice for herself and her family, and now wants to go further as a member of the ZeroWaste Switzerland committee to promote more responsible consumer behavior throughout Switzerland.

Sylvia Paolone


Sylvia studied law in Strasbourg, Rome and Paris, but finally settled in Lausanne in 2004. After 16 years as a tax specialist with leading international fiduciaries, Sylvia decided to train as a personal development coach and take a step back from the business world in 2022. Since then, she has joined a foundation as head of administration and financial management. Years ago, she questioned the way we eat and live with nature, noticing the difference between her city lifestyle and that of her grandparents, who lived almost self-sufficiently in the Italian mountains. Inspired by her mother, she has always taken an active approach to waste reduction. Wishing to become more involved in the movement, she joined ZeroWaste Switzerland as a member and then as treasurer.

André Buri

Committee member

André Burri is a Swiss Federal Institute of Technology engineer in microtechnology, who worked for 19 years at Swissquote Bank SA as an IT engineer and project manager. With a wealth of management experience in digital solutions and innovation, he will be launching his own sustainable development business in 2019 with the creation of Zélo, a bulk grocery store with cargo bike delivery, a concept he intends to franchise. He is married with 3 children. He has been committed to the zero waste concept for several years and has been able to reduce his waste consumption by a factor of 20 (from 2 x 35l garbage can bags per month to 1 x 17l bag per month), hence his interest in becoming a member of ZeroWaste Switzerland. 

Pascal Gemperli

Committee member

Pascal is a HES engineer in communications and management. He has been a member of the Morges town council since 2009 and runs a family-run SME in the fields of conflict management (mediation), coaching and diversity management. Married with four daughters, his family began adopting Zero Waste principles a few years ago. He has a long-standing commitment to the ecology of his community, for example in the reduction of plastic waste, the energy transition, etc. He is delighted to support ZeroWaste Switzerland’s noble and urgent mission.