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School coaching

School coaching is a support for the management, teachers and concierge staff towards a Zero Waste transition, over a period of 6 to 12 months. A trained_coach offers an evaluation (garbage cans, cleaning products, number of prints for example) to propose concrete waste reduction solutions. A variety of activities are then proposed to students and teachers: analyzing the typology of waste, creating a compost or a garden at school, zero waste challenges, zero waste snacks…

The Zero Waste approach is above all born from an observation: our current society favours the production of single-use plastic objects. In Switzerland, almost half of the waste produced is incinerated and produces air pollutants[1] the other half is recycled, which generates costs. 

The Zero Waste lifestyle considers that the best waste is the one that has never been produced. It saves money, resources, energy and also reduces pollution. Zero Waste promotes the reduction of our ecological footprint by transforming our consumption habits, by refusing single-use packaging, by buying in bulk, by favouring local and seasonal products.

[1] Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN), 2014

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