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Online coaching

Do you want to take the plunge into Zero Waste, receive some advice on a particular theme or be accompanied in your approach?

We offer online coaching to support you in the process and give you concrete leads with local solutions, made for you.Adapted to your needs, online coaching has the advantage of being flexible. We are there when you need us and as much as you wish.

  • Individual and/or group coaching: you can choose to do individual coaching or group coaching, whether at home, with online friends or with colleagues at work. You and your coach decide on the topics and frequency of the sessions.
  • Price: voluntary and conscious donation, recommended: 40 frs per 30 min.
  • Frequency: on request
  • Type: personalised support towards Zero Waste
  • Process: with a first contact, your coach will establish the level of progress of your Zero Waste process and you will be able to choose topics to discuss. You then decide the number of sessions.

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