ZeroWaste Switzerland

Non-profit association inspiring everyone in Switzerland to reduce waste.

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Our strategy 2021-2024

Through its audacious and transformative actions, the association ZeroWaste Switzerland is determined to engage citizens, institutions and economic actors to choose a zero-waste consumption mode and a zero-waste production mode in order to move towards sustainable development.

The 17 United Nations sustainable development goals testify to the scope of this new universal program and show how ambitious it is. Integrated and inseparable, they reconcile the three dimensions of sustainable development: economic, social and environmental. The goals and their 169 targets guide action between now and 2030 in areas that are of crucial importance for humanity and the planet.

Around our central theme “Reducing waste and wastefulness at source”, we are contributing to the implementation of Agenda 2030 at the national level. Indeed, by acting directly on sustainability goals 4 “Quality Education“, #11 “Sustainable City & Communities“, #12 “Responsible Consumption“, #13 “Climat Action” we are indirectly acting on all the others.

Our vision 

A waste free Switzerland! 

Why we are committed

The over-consumption of our planet’s resources and the resulting production of waste is a major environmental issue.

In 2018 we witnessed a turning point in the fight against global warming with a general awareness following an unprecedented mobilization of young people and the organization of climate strikes every Friday.

Then, in 2019, the movement gained momentum with the declaration of a “climate emergency” by several large municipalities and cantons in Switzerland.

These initiatives show that environmental protection is a central concern. The call for a more resilient, circular and low-carbon economic model appears more relevant today than ever.

The way we work every day

  • Since 2015, we have been taking action to reduce waste and wastefulness by raising public awareness of waste-related issues.
  • We are present in the field to help residents change their daily habits related to consumption and waste production by giving them concrete tips.
  • We work to create a sustainable consumption model by promoting reuse, repair, sharing and renting among consumers and by promoting the circular economy among businesses.
  • We organize and participate in more than 300 events per year in collaboration with municipalities, companies and organizations.
  • We enthuse the population through our concrete and guilt-free activities.
  • We act to pass laws and incentives that support Zero Waste for production, distribution, consumption and disposal.
  • We have been creating jobs and internship opportunities in the field of sustainability for 5 years.

The objectives of our organizational work

  • We develop and animate local Zero Waste communities in several regions of Switzerland.
  • As an objective and independent organization, we strengthen the role of consumers by inviting them to reflect on the consequences of their actions and to commit themselves concretely to the zero waste approach.
  • We act as a “pioneer of change” and partner with municipalities and companies to carry out larger projects in the field.
  • We are continually expanding our Zero Waste expertise and passing on Zero Waste tips. 
  • The results of our actions are tangible and contribute to the implementation of the global sustainable development agenda.
  • We remain independent thanks to diversified funding (foundations, companies, government bodies).

Our strategie

We are determined to combat the degradation of the planet, through sustainable consumption and production patterns, ensuring the sustainable management of its natural resources and taking urgent action to combat climate change, so that it can meet the needs of present and future generations.

Achieving the goal we have set ourselves will only be possible if the following strategic axes are closely linked and their implementation integrated.

Raising Awareness and Engaging the Public

We raise public awareness through concrete and inspiring activities and invite the population to get involved in the Zero Waste movement to create a community of involved citizens.

Institutionalize and amplify the movement

We amplify change in companies, communities and educational institutions by training Zero Waste ambassadors within these structures.

Increasing visibility and involving decision-makers

At our level, we try to involve the key actors of the economic and political scene as well as social influencers at the national and global level. We cooperate with selected partners and networks. 

Over the next 4 years we will work particularly on :

  • structuring and professionalizing the association in order to adapt to the growth of the movement in Switzerland and to the ever-increasing demands for services,
  • grow the movement 12 regions,
  • continue to raise awareness among retailers,
  • digitally help people to adopt the right gestures,
  • carry out projects in schools

Our transversal themes

  • Waste reduction
  • Reduction of the waste of natural resources
  • Promotion of composting, reuse, repair, sharing, renting and local circular economy.
  • Sustainable consumption
  • Responsible consumption
  • Public and private partnerships
  • Awareness and prevention
  • Behavioural change