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Zero Waste Workshops

Interested to learn how to reduce your household waste and pollution?

Come join us to meet like-minded people and learn all about Zero Waste – whether you’re just starting out or already have more experience on the subject.

We organize interactive workshops for anyone who wishes to find sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions and adopt a healthier lifestyle for themselves and their children.

Facts and Figures

  • Fact 1: In Switzerland, 33% of food (2.6 million tonnes of food waste according to the FOEN in 2019) is wasted, two-thirds of which is avoidable.
  • Fact 2: Switzerland spends CHF 3 billion per year on waste disposal (FOEN 2019).
  • Fact 3: 125 kg of plastics are consumed per year/person in Switzerland (FOEN 2019). Only 25% is recycled.

food & drink

A fun and interactive workshop on the topics of Food, Drink and Eating out and about. You discover why it’s so important to reduce overall waste and pollution in the world and what each one of us can concretely do to reduce our own waste. You’ll learn practical habits to buy without packaging, more locally, more organically etc. And you’ll discover local shops, sites and markets in your area to enable you to easily do it. There will be lots of opportunity to ask questions, share tips and get to know others.

beauty, cleaning & clothes

An inspiring workshop in the area of Beauty, Hygiene, Cleaning and Clothes. You’ll learn practical habits and options of how to buy better and buy less – buy without waste, buy second hand, reuse/repair, share/exchange and reduce/eliminate in all the categories above. You’ll also discover local shops, sites and products as well as exchange tips, tricks and questions with others who share the same values!

work, holidays & gifts

A fun workshop where you’ll continue your Zero Waste Habits in areas that impact others outside of self and immediate family. You’ll discover more about energy and how to concretely reduce waste in a digital world, how to talk to others about what you do whether at work, school or in your private life so they understand and respect your wishes and how to hold celebration festivities/give presents in a way that delights. You’ll also discover local shops, sites and products as well as exchange tips, tricks and questions with others who will encourage you!

These workshops can also be given in companies, organizations and educational institutions on request.

To find out more information or request an offer, please do not hesitate to fill in the form below.

Details for the organization of a workshop

  • Style : interactive
  • Duration : 2h
  • Content and procedure: a facilitator presents the problem of waste in Switzerland and the example of people living in Zero Waste mode. Through several exercises, participants are invited to discuss possible actions to reduce waste on a daily basis, drawing on their own experiences and those of others. Practical exercises are carried out in groups, which present alternatives related to the chosen topic. Finally, tips and a small guide with habits are distributed, which will allow you to change your habits in the following weeks.
  • Location: a room for up to 35 participants with 3 side tables and a beamer.
  • Price: ask for a quote

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