ZeroWaste Switzerland

Non-profit association inspiring everyone in Switzerland to reduce waste.

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Mission – Vision – Values


The ZeroWaste Switzerland association’s mission is to work towards reducing the amount of waste produced by raising awareness of waste related issues, encouraging long-lasting behavioural change towards a more zero waste lifestyle and supporting the active implication of concerned stakeholders towards a circular economy. ZeroWaste Switzerland favours a legislation aimed to reduce the amount of waste produced in Switzerland.


A waste free Switzerland!

The Zero Waste Switzerland Association would like to encourage and enable citizens, institutions and economic parties to choose a manner of consumption and production without waste, by favouring a renewable and circular economy.


We believe that it is possible to greatly reduce the total amount of waste we produce as a society by following the principles: Rethink & Refuse, Reduce, Re-use & Repair, Rot & Recycle.

We favour the use of sustainable materials and would like to encourage a change in our current economic and cultural model.

The Zero Waste Switzerland Association values ecological design and ecologically responsible production and consumption. Our principles are Respect, Dialogue, positive Communication and collective actions.