ZeroWaste Switzerland is a non-profit association recognized by the Swiss government for being of public interest. Through its activities and its members, it inspires and supports the population, businesses and public institutions in Switzerland to reduce waste at the source.

The Zero Waste initiative

The 5 R method gives lines of thought onto our consumption patterns and a procedure to reduce our waste and so minimize our ecological footprint. The purpose is not to deprive ourselves but to take responsibility and to question all current habits and to consume in a smarter way.

Become a member

Assert your support for the zero waste initiative, to build an economically and ecologically viable society, which is socially innovative. Associations, companies, storekeepers, directors, citizens, we all have a role to play, as these changes will not be made without the implication of the largest number!


Donate to the association ZeroWaste Switzerland to help us organize events, workshops and campaigns to raise awareness towards the zero waste lifestyle.

 Find the best Zero Waste spots on our map!

Find the best Zero Waste spots on our map!

These municipalities, cantons and companies support ZeroWaste Switzerland. Thank you!

Municipality of Geneva
canton de vaud

Many thanks to the companies, associations and specialists who pursue the same objectives and support us:

Coworking society

ZeroWaste Switzerland is a member of:

Zero Waste Europe
Maison des Associations Morges
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