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Non-profit association inspiring everyone in Switzerland to reduce waste.

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The essentials to slip into your bag

Here are elements to slide inside your bag to remain zero waste at all times!

  • A mini shopping bag and/or a reusable cloth bag
    You forgot to buy some sugar? You can always make it up without having to make round trips to go back to the bulk store; a reusable bag permanently in your handbag and it’s done!
  • A cloth table napkin
    Essential to take advantage of any café or restaurant without having to care about proposed paper towels; embark your own towel to always be able to refuse the disposable towels in any event!
  • A cloth handkerchief
    Always useful to avoid having the runny nose and having to throw away every tissue and its plastic packaging!
  • A reusable cup or thermos
    So you won’t refuse yourself a coffee or a hot tea to take away on your way to work anymore and remain hydrated throughout the day by using public fountains or tap water!