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Clothes Swapping Market

Is your closet also that full, you almost can’t find your stuff? Do you also have loads of cool garments   you are just not going to wear anymore? Don’t throw these garments away, because another person will just love to reuse it (provided that it is in a good condition). An Alternative to buying new clothes are so called Clothes Swapping Markets or Clothes Swapping Parties.You can bring the garments that you won’t wear anymore and swap them for another „new“ item you like. Usually music, drinks and cake give the event an additional relaxing atmosphere which makes you want to hang out some more.

Swap Markets like these, are not only useful, they also encourage you to change your way of thinking. Whenever you don’t buy new clothes (or any item as a matter of fact) and reuse already existing ones, you save resources. As you bought/reuse an item that exists already, water, electricity etc that is used to grow and produce an item, was saved. The consumption of cheap clothing which comes along with poor working conditions is not supported. Therefore, you can now and then treat yourself to a more expensive item, which is produced under fair working conditions.

Do you feel like visiting such a Clothes Swapping Market? Check out our Agenda section where such events will be published.


If you are short in time, there are some online buy and sell possibilities :