Birthday party without waste

Organize a zero waste birthday party for your kid, here is such a good idea! A memorable party for the child based on the experience and not on material objects, in line with the zero waste lifestyle. It is not only better for the environment but the memory stays longer!


  • Bake a birthday cake with ingredients bought in bulk, check!
  • Organize a party without single use plastic cups, plastic plates and straws with some home made ice-tea, check!
  • But how make, to the invited children, understand that the child who organizes a zero waste party does not wish a present?We can, for example, mention the wish on the invitation:Dear “guest”, I do not wish a present, on the other hand, you can bring a participation of xx CHF for the planned activity. *And it works! On another hand, the parents are also relieved, not to have to go to buy a present hastily everything is easier and simpler!

A few ideas of activities for a birthday full of memories: tree climbing, treasure hunting in a labyrinth, movie, Laser Game, bowling, horse-riding, fishing, spend a night under a tent with friends, and so on!