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50 simple ideas to reduce your waste

Vegemag has written a second article on zero waste lifestyle in French further to the interview of Natalie Bino in January 2016.

(Translation of the article Vegemag Blog from 8.2.2016)

50 ideas to reduce waste simply and gradually. In this way, we also protect the environment.

  1. Put a “No advertising” sticker on your mailbox
  2. Return unsolicited mail to the sender
  3. Read the book “Zero Waste Home” by Bea Johnson
  4. Motivate yourself via social networks in groups with new ideas and find solutions
  5. Clear the home of unwanted products
  6. Adopt a simple and minimalist lifestyle
  7. Use fabric bags for groceries
  8. Buy in bulk (without packaging) and products by the cut (eg. cheese)
  9. Buy / exchange second hand products
  10. Repair items (have them repaired)
  11. Refuse what we do not need
  12. Do not accept brochures
  13. Cook exact quantities
  14. Reuse products
  15. Refuse the purchase receipts
  16. Cook homemade meals
  17. Take lunch in a bento to the office
  18. Use glass containers for food storage
  19. Do not take free samples
  20. Refuse plastic bags
  21. Avoid disposable cups
  22. Avoid items with unnecessary packaging
  23. Reduce printing and copying
  24. Have ink cartridges refilled instead of buying new ones
  25. Reduce electrical appliances to a minimum (choose a multisteamer…)
  26. Prefer sustainable products
  27. Use glass containers
  28. Use rechargeable batteries
  29. Invest in a yogurt maker
  30. Use washable cloth napkins
  31. Stop buying bottled water
  32. Use a sports bottle or thermos
  33. Avoid spray cans
  34. Compost fruit and vegetable peels, food scraps and other organic waste
  35. For women, use a menstrual cup
  36. Simplify cosmetics
  37. Make your own beauty products
  38. Make your own household products
  39. Prefer soap (stone format)
  40. Refuse gadgets
  41. Do not buy too many plastic toys for the children.
  42. Swap CD’s and DVD’s or benefit from services on the web.
  43. Borrow or rent
  44. Use “real” tableware
  45. Have only one set of dishes
  46. Do not change the electronic appliances too often
  47. Clean the apartment with vinegar
  48. Avoid disposable cleaning cloths
  49. Use washing balls for your laundry
  50. Prefer electronic money