10 easy steps toward a zero waste lifestyle

When I talk about my (almost) zero waste lifestyle, people often seem curious and interested in reducing their waste as well, but the task can really seem overwhelming and they tend to be discouraged. where do i start? – they ask. the short answer is: start anywhere. as long as you start.

The more elaborate answer is the following: read below my 10 easy tips to start your journey toward a zero waste lifestyle:

  1. Avoid buying what comes with too much packaging (especially plastic or non-recyclable). try to look for alternatives everywhere: packed chocolate bar VS unpacked slice of pie on a plate.
  2. Replace your plastic bottles by a reusable stainless steel or glass bottle – mine keeps my drinks hot and cold. i refill it wherever i can and never hesitate to ask nicely for a water refill in a small café (it is also a great idea if you want to loose weight because you will not end up with sugary drinks!).
  3. Take your meals with you in a tupperware or take the empty container and silverware to a takeaway (in order not to end up with the whole plastic stuff that usually comes with takeaway meals).
  4. Use reusable napkins at home (and on the go!).
  5. Be ready to refuse plastic bags by always having a light and foldable reusable bag with you (use this bag as well to put the unpacked fruits/vegetable you buy).
  6. Go digital! Use your phone/computer to take notes, as a calendar, to buy public transport tickets. avoid printing unnecessary things. change your bills into digital/automatic payments, unsubscribe from printed newsletters.
  7. Refuse paper advertisement in your mailbox by placing a sticker on it – i hardly ever have to open mine as it is almost always empty (it helps if you respect tip n°6).
  8. Use washable cleaning towels instead of household paper.
  9. Use a bar of soap (solid soap) to replace your liquid soap.
  10. Buy second-hand items instead of new stuff. they are almost never packed.Justine

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