“Do it yourself” is great, because responsible consumption also means learning to do it yourself and reducing packaging.

And we wanted to get rid of the small, non-recyclable plastic packaging that surrounds the dishwasher tablets once and for all.

  • Glass container
  • 100g of citric acid powder
  • 200g of sodium powder
  • 100g of salt
  • 1 cinnamon stick
  • 3 dried citrus peels
Cautionary note

Please read this information carefully !


Mix citric acid, sodium bicarbonate and salt in a glass container (reclosable to ensure hermetic storage of the powder). Add the cinnamon stick and the virgin fruit peels and seal hermetically.


It is preferable to produce only small quantities of product at a time. The dosage should be adapted to the degree of soiling of the dishes, the hardness of the water and the size of the dishwasher. Close the container tightly after use, otherwise the powder will harden. It is also possible not to mix the citric acid with the other ingredients and to provide one container for the citric acid and another for mixing the powders.

Note that the fruit peels must be very dry and can remain in the container just like the cinnamon.