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Circle Toys

Play it again !

Change the TOY market,… toys by toys !
Circle Toys is a dynamic team of visionary individuals who strongly believe that it is our
essential duty to play a prominent role in building a safer and more sustainable world for
future generations, specifically focusing on toys.
As a matter of facts, the toy manufacturing sector is responsible for the exhaustion of natural
resources, contamination of the land, air, and water, aggravation of climate change, and
creates an environment conducive to human and labor rights violations.
The toy industry creates 26 million tonnes of CO2 each year.
The aim of this project ? Tackle the incredible waste and pollution created by toys by
providing a simple circular solution for parents in Switzerland.
Our model focuses on extending the life cycle of toys by collecting used toys, usually
« sleeping » in children rooms or house basements, refurbishing them and reselling them at a
discounted price.
This project tacles one of the biggest environnemental challenges of our time : waste &
pollution. For every kilo of plastic toys re-used we save 6kg of C02 emission!”
A win / win solution for toys donator & buyers
Each donator will be rewarded with a discount price to buy on our website to keep a circular
model and buyers will have the opportunity to buy good quality at toys at a fair price.
Experience the joy of having a new toy, just as delightful as a brand-new one, through the
magic of second-hand!
An educational contribution
Furthermore, our project is intended also to educate future consumers, particularly children
about the importance of environmental sustainability. We will provide educational resources
and workshops to raise awareness about the benefits of the circular economy and how to
reduce waste.
We hope to inspire & create a future where toys are consumed in a responsible and
sustainable manner ensuring that future generation can enjoy an healthy planet.

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