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Cautionary note

The information and recipes from ZeroWaste Switzerland, which is based on the personal experience of our volunteers and members, have been verified by expert opinions and carefully checked. However, ZeroWaste Switzerland accepts no liability for any damage or inconvenience resulting from its use.

*The use of essential oils can present risks: it is important to take precautions. We respect the dosages and we ask for information.

  • You can be allergic to essential oils. Before using it on the skin, we do a skin test on a small area.
  • Pregnant women cannot use all essential oils, as well as children, people with health problems and people who are already taking medication.
  • Some essential oils, especially those from citrus fruits, are photosensitizing, so you do not expose yourself to the sun directly after use.
  • Not all essential oils are edible or suitable for the skin. Similarly, they are not all usable pure