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Zero Waste Tips Guide

Join thousands of others across the country to reduce waste!

Reducing waste and preserving natural resources are major concerns today. Over-consumption and waste cause major environmental problems and reducing these would be a great step towards a more sustainable society. Many consumers are aware of these problems and would like to do their part. But sometimes they just don’t know how.

To help you start or continue your Zero Waste adventure, here are some suggestions of habits you can adopt to reduce your waste. Ideally, you can choose 1 or 2 to get started.

Place the list in a visible place for you to remember.

This guide is also available in French, Italian, German, Portuguese and Albanian.

We deliberately provide this guide free of charge to help you effectively reduce your waste. Fill in the form and we will send you a link immediately. Do you find this guide useful? You can support us by making a donation or becoming a member.

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